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Explorer Update

Human Table

posted 14 Oct 2012, 15:20 by Dave Martin

Its all about team work when you need a table.....

Prototype Entrepreneurs

posted 27 Feb 2012, 10:44 by Explorer blog

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on our Olympic-themed merchandise for the Entrepreneur challenge. Here are some photos of us making our prototypes.


Pancake tossing gets extreme!

posted 27 Feb 2012, 10:38 by Explorer blog

The Entrepreneur challenge activity reaches the penultimate week with pitch practice starting in earnest. This is very much needed! Marking Shrove Tuesday went up a gear with Extreme Pancake Tossing, seeing who can toss their pancake the highest, furtherest and through a hoop. 

We said...
"Pancakes with the 8th WW, yum, this could get messy... this just got messy." - Jack

"We undertook challenges in pancake tossing, testing our accuracy and skill. Also we practiced our entrepreneurial pitches from memory; there was definitely  some room for improvement. Stuart also tried to tell us that there is no french word for entrepreneur." - Clare

"Pancake tossing was great fun, although they didn't taste as great after being dropped on the floor, but it still went better than practicing our entrepreneurial pitches" - Dom

Check out the score sheet....

Thanks to Harry, Miles and Charlotte who also paper-blogged.

Crab football and other things

posted 5 Feb 2012, 09:48 by Explorer blog

On 27th of the January 2012 we played Crab Football. It’s basically football but on all fours upside down. It was 7-4 to team A, it was a good win. The game itself was funny to watch and participate in.After a few rounds the rules went out the window and it started to hurt. Also on the same evening we had a three legged night, were we played crab football three legged and for the rest of that evening we were tied to our partners and we got to know them better. It was interesting and unusual experience.  

While also tied to are partners we participated in the air mile offset challenge (see left)) where each team had to find out how much co2 they would use while travelling to the Olympic games this year. This challenge was quite hard as some of the smaller countries were harder to find as they were so small, and the use of outdated maps didn’t help.

This blog was brought to you by Katie, Jack, Amy and Harry.

The blogging begins!

posted 5 Feb 2012, 09:40 by Explorer blog

During 2012, the 8th West Wickham Explorer Unit will be taking part in The Scout Association's 'Faster... Stronger... Bigger... Better!' Challenge. We will be complete a series of challenges and competing against other Units across the UK to see who can get the most points. We'll also be blogging about it on our Group site as we get points for doing that too!

Check out how we're doing at www.oursportingadventure.scout.org.uk  

Our blog

posted 26 Jan 2012, 15:15 by Dave Martin

Updates from our Explorer section will appear here

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